Marhaba Catamaran

FarFalle Project together with Marhaba Catamaran have been working together for 4 years with the same objective: to raise awareness of marine life and revalue the natural resources we have in the Canary Islands. We strive to offer a great service of scientific quality and entertainment on board.

Marhaba is a catamaran sailingboat type Tonga Tora of 12 meters in length and 6.15 meters of beam, it is one of the vessels with which FarFalle Project offers its services and carries out its research in the area of ​​Los Gigantes Cliffs, Tenerife, and in the area of ​​Marina Rubicón, Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands. His crew has extensive experience in terms of sailing, making long trips for years in the canarian waters. With the blue boat badge, it is a vessel authorized by the Government of the Canary Islands to perform whale watching and is listed as a company adhered to the Charter for Sustainability for whale watching granted by Turismo Tenerife.