Microtrofic Project

FarFalle Project collaborates with the Microtrofic Project with the objective of assessing the abundance and seasonal variability of the microplastic in the Canary Islands present in the intertidal sediment, in the sea surface and in the marine biota, and transferring this knowledge to the public.

Together with the University from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the Marine Organisms Ecophysiology Research Group (EOMAR), Proyecto Microtrofic has studied and continues to study the Canarian beaches, especially those that face north as they have high levels of microplastic contamination that They are associated with periods of strong waves and wind. Samples have been taken in Las Canteras (Gran Canaria), in Famara (Lanzarote) and in Lambra (La Graciosa), they collected an accumulation of microplastics at an average of 5.4 g / m2, representing values ​​similar to those referenced in Asian countries like Hong Kong.